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Hi, I'm Katrin.

I draw all kinds of things from my home studio in Berlin, Germany.


When I'm not drawing for others, I come here to poke fun at life's shortcomings and awkward moments. Like the time you had that thing hanging from your lip and no one told you. The drawings on this site are created using pen and paper, a scanner and a little bit of Photoshop.

Mischief Champion also includes a limited range of products that can be found in a few nice shops around the world. For this I am continually grateful.

I have a degree in fine art from the Elam School of Fine Arts (New Zealand) and am comfortable with words like "it represents my inside soul."

If you'd like to say hi, carry some Mischief in your shop, have questions, or would like to work with me on your next project, email me at hello@mischiefchampion.com. I always love hearing from you.

I'm also on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr if you'd prefer to say hi over there.



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